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Raleigh and Fibrax join forces to promote best of British manufacturing

The oldest and most recognised British bike brand, Raleigh, has become a core stockist of the entire range of cycling components produced in the UK by Fibrax.


Fibrax is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance brake pads, cables and ancillary cycling components. The company has been pioneering advancements in cycling performance since 1902, which is almost as long as Raleigh’s impressive heritage. Using advanced materials and latest technology, Fibrax’s products are engineered to enhance the rider’s experience on and off road. Raleigh has become the only UK supplier to hold Fibrax’s entire range of products, including electric bike specific components.


In 2012, Raleigh became part of the Netherlands-based bicycle company, Accell Group. With a portfolio of 18 bicycle brands, including Laiperre, Haibike and Winora, the Group actively shares knowledge about latest technology and innovations. This collaborative effort has been particularly valuable in the development of high performance e-bikes across the Group.


As the only company to design and manufacture e-bike specific brake pads, Fibrax is able to offer a unique proposition to Raleigh and other producers within the Accell Group.


Commenting on this new relationship, Ellis Blackman, Sales Manager at Fibrax, said:


“We are delighted to be working with Raleigh and proud to join forces with another well-respected UK brand. Supplying our complete range to a single distributor is very exciting. Having established in 1887, Raleigh has a massive heritage and is renowned for producing high quality, reliable bikes. In the cycling industry, distributors typically invest in different suppliers for individual component types so we are thrilled that Raleigh is stocking our entire catalogue.


“Due to the rise in demand for electric bikes, we have actively moved into this market by pioneering a specialist brake pad and motor cover. We look forward to developing this range for Raleigh and other brands within the Accell Group to whom we already supply many of our components, including Laiperre and Haibike.”


Raleigh’s Brand Manager, Kenny Wilson, said:


“I am pleased to be forming a partnership with Fibrax, as they offer a comprehensive range of high quality, great value products and are always keen to support, develop and keep abreast of trends  and demand from us.


At Raleigh, we have listed every product in the Fibrax range. We will be working closely with each other to give the best service and cycle parts offering in the cycle trade.”




Press Contact: Kathryn Jenkinson | pr@fibrax.co.uk





Behind the scenes at our Wrexham factory

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Press Contact: Kathryn Jenkinson | pr@fibrax.co.uk






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